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Areas of expertise:

  • Real estate transactions
  • Sale and purchase
  • Land revenue and mortgage


  • Bachelor of Laws
  • Bachelor of Commerce


Prajay has widespread experience in property registration, lease deed, tenancy, land disputes, revenue concerns, sale and purchase, mortgage, hypothecation, charge and guarantee. He also offers counseling on commercial acquisitions, partnerships and joint venture deals. He focuses his practices on real estate transactions, land revenue law, civil law, transfer of property and family law.

He represents various banks, financial institutions, multinational companies and real estate developers. He is also proficient in advising clients on land acquisition, development and funding. He is actively involved in civil litigation and property disputes and has diverse experience of 6 years in real estate transactions. He guides majorly on deal structuring, negotiations, documentation and execution of documents.

About Us

Chandrawat & Partners stands as a dynamic and rapidly expanding full-service firm, specializing in the delivery of exceptional professional and corporate services to a diverse clientele, both foreign and local. We proudly represent companies and individuals across a wide spectrum of sectors through distinct entities established in various countries worldwide.