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Hotel, Catering & Leisure

We provide pragmatic, return-oriented advisory services throughout the hospitality properties and business models. We understand the competitive markets and implement thorough and thoughtful analysis of hospitality properties from concept to operation. Our professionals blend broad industry knowledge with wide variety of experience and expertise and understand hospitality concepts that ensures our clients very meaningful results.

Helping clients provide their customers with extraordinary hospitality and entertainment services, our experts provide policies that will have an impact commercially.

With our diverse locations throughout the world, we have experience and dedication to hospitality, empowered by best-in-class personalization and strong analytics, delivering services involving hotel planning & development, valuation, health & wellness, asset management, transactional advisory, leisure, tourism, expert witness and hospitality crisis management.

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About Us

Chandrawat & Partners is a leading and rapidly growing full-service firm providing high quality professional and corporate services to foreign and local clients, representing companies and individuals in a wide range of sectors through separate entities established in various countries worldwide.

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