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Policies and procedures set the guidelines and parameters for operational business activities. Documents related to Compliance policy and procedure are the essence of any compliance program, both in terms of organization and management of the said program. These documents facilitate compliance with the applicable legislations, regulations and standards, and provide for a basis to which the controls put in place are monitored and tested frequently to ensure efficiency.

We assist financial institutions in developing compliance program, policies and procedures and maintaining them up to date along with changing business needs, change of internal systems or implementation of regulatory updates or mandates. To assist the management in managing compliance risk, we also provide support services in developing compliance surveillance program and capabilities such as designing a customized compliance monitoring plan, risk management framework and internal control documents.

In several cases, failure with regard to comply with policy requirements may have lead to significant fines and penalties. Our team has the extensive knowledge and depository to develop well-built and comprehensive policies and procedures with the purpose of safeguarding organizations from rigorous legal and regulatory restraints while reinforcing a culture of compliance, and ongoing monitoring.


  • Compliance Manual
  • Compliance Monitoring Plan
  • Operational Manual
  • Employees Handbook and Code of Ethics
  • AML policies and procedures
  • Business Continuity Plan
  • Internal Control Guidelines

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