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Investing in another country may be a lengthy and complex process which requires expertise and local knowledge. Consulting and assisting investors in cross border investments, determining appropriate investment partners and helping our clients in preparing and fulfilling their investments overseas is our passion.

COVID 19 had upended the global economy and led to the fastest bear market in the history, before an unprecedented policy response drove a remarkable recovery in financial markets. But for the major parts of the world, substantial challenges remain and the road to recovery will be closely tied to the trajectory of the virus, timeline of vaccination and the ability of financial tools to pick up the truncheon in the monetary policy to revitalize the attractive economies. As the economy slowly opens up, the chances for those who can grasp the challenge will amplify.

While the downside economic and political risks remain very much evident, unequal recovery in all regions and sectors will also create opportunities for those who are able to grasp the new reality.

The COVID 19 pandemic has accelerated fundamental global trends, most notably the adoption of digital technologies and the expanding role of government in the economy.

The markets are likely to advance, reshaping diagnoses for inflation, the dollar and emerging markets, and reforming the outline of global market winners and losers.

Hong Kong – A Cosmopolitan City

As an Asia’s World City, Hong Kong is a dynamic city and a major gateway to Mainland China and international markets. With a business friendly environment, free trade and free movement of information, open and fair competition, high quality business and technology services, well established and comprehensive networks, world class transportation, low and easy tax regime, and effective promotion of development and technology, Hong Kong is an ultimate place for enterprises round the world to magnify their business because the economy of Hong Kong is a highly developed free-market based economy. It is characterised by low taxation, almost free port trade and a well-established international financial market.

Hong Kong is an ideal for entrepreneurs known for its low taxes and free trade agreements. Since gaining independence as a sovereign in July 1997, it has attracted interest from international investors globally.

Hong Kong is an ideal platform for enterprises to enter the Mainland China and international markets

  • By establishing an office in Hong Kong, traders can expand their business to major markets in Mainland China and international markets.
  • Hong Kong’s leading resources can help businesses explore infinite business opportunities around the world.
  • Hong Kong is a major market that excels in asset management, financial services, and banking; accounting and intellectual property related services; as well as brand management and product development services.

The unique benefits offered by Hong Kong include large and free cash flows, highly efficient financial services, a strong legal system, efficient distribution of market information, protection of intellectual property rights, and prominent port facilities and logistics services.

Investing in Hong Kong – Benefits

Hong Kong has emerged as an investment haven for multinationals and start-ups. As a Special Administration Region of China, Hong Kong maintains great independence which is utilized to build a thriving business economy.

Hong Kong certainly represents an attractive investment destination in the world, certain factors and benefits of investing in Hong Kong include:

  • Leading global economy: Hong Kong is the freest country and one of the most important financial centers in the world.
  • Proximity to Asian growth: Many of the world’s largest economies moving forward are based in Asia, which puts Hong Kong in a strong geographical position.
  • World-class destination: Hong Kong puts Asia on the map. The city is the most important international investment destination and leading business center in Asia. Geographically, it offers the best location for international companies that need quick access across Asia and across the world. It is a gateway to mainland China and it offers numerous business and taxation advantages to foreign investors. 
  • Role of Government: Hong Kong never stops evolving and the government has always encouraged its expansion as a business hub and as a city. Today, it is one of the top business destinations in the world and it continues to grow and support advancements.
  • Supportive administration: The Hong Kong administration has been very supportive of investors coming to Hong Kong. The Government strives to encourage new start-ups to enter Hong Kong and bring in new technologies that will elevate the city to a higher level. That is why it is easy to obtain an investment visa to Hong Kong that brings the highest value to the country.
  • Huge potential market: Hong Kong is the main gateway to mainland China. Many people who want to take advantage of great business opportunities in China run their companies in Hong Kong and use them as special vehicles. Even if you want to import products into China, the market is really big.
  • Sustainable financial system and forward tax management: The Hong Kong tax regime is very straightforward and is based on the territorial principle. Businesses are required to pay only 16.5% of profits made in Hong Kong. When the company’s profits come from elsewhere, tax exemption can be claimed in Hong Kong. Therefore, if your operations are based abroad, you may be eligible for 0% tax.

Reasons to choose Hong Kong

Apart from its outstanding location, Hong Kong has a much simpler and lower tax regime, compared to another overseas business hub. As a city that relies heavily on commercial activity, Hong Kong encourages import and export activities with its low taxes.

  • Profits tax rates: 25% for corporations on the first HKD 2 million of assessable profits, and 16.5% for corporations on the remainder of assessable profits.
  • Salaries tax rates: The marginal tax rates range from 2% to 17% with a cap at the standard rate of 15% on assessable income.
  • Property tax rate: Tax is charged at a standard rate of 15% of the net assessable value of the property.

Most importantly, Hong Kong does not levy sales tax or VAT and withholding tax on dividends. This is another reason why international companies have opened branches or services in Hong Kong.

English is the official language of Hong Kong, welcoming foreign investors. The legal system is also different from China and is based on English law.

As a port city, Hong Kong also uses simple and easy custom practices. If you are interested in learning more about maritime trading activities and how they are regulated, our Hong Kong professionals can provide you with related information.

Corporate benefits

Companies in Hong Kong do not only benefit from the low taxes, the company’s incorporation process is also simple and straightforward which invites foreign investors to the city. Entrepreneurs have many options while choosing the right type of company, our professionals in Hong Kong can help you make that choice.

Hong Kong companies can also benefit from government funding. This includes incubator programs, loan guarantees, and marketing fees. Companies that need specialized equipment or business finance can benefit from financial resources. Special support for technological advances and new ideas are also possible.

Hong Kong is not just a top Asian city to invest in, it can be the city where your company will grow and prosper.

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