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What is debt collection and why it is important?

A debt collection process is a cumulative concept for the fair and ethical recovery of delinquent amounts and past due payments from an indebted subject on behalf of the creditor. Basically debt collection is when a collection agency or company tries to collect past-due debts from borrowers. Tackling with debtors can be an exhausting as well as a lengthy business. It requires time, energy and focus away from the fundamental and critical activities of day to day business. Engaging internal man power in internal debt collections process may lead to drift in core work areas of the firm leading to organizational imbalances.

Non payment of debts can have a detrimental effect to cash flow which has a follow on effect to your ability to pay bills or be competitive in the market. We understand that adapting knowledge into action is essential to guiding an individualized collections process which helps recovering debts while preserving customer relationships. With us you can reduce the cost of recovering debts, increase your efficiency, and maximize the returns on your efforts.

How we help?

Our team at Chandrawat & Partners provides high quality assistance and advice as regards debt recoveries offering strengths, expertise, and familiarity within this area through our debt management service. We typically use standardized methods of collection, which aim to not harass the debtor and not breach his/her rights as a consumer. While getting in touch with the debtor, we act as the creditor’s interlocutor in front of the consumer.

We act as trusted partners for the debt recovery industry, with preparedness to rapidly deploy skilled resource for complex projects.This helps to manage both secured and unsecured distressed debts. Every debt recovery agency has to reckon with different laws and take into consideration country and state acts for a fair debt recovery process. We offer full credit risk management services ranging from individual customer case to full receivables management programs solving domestic and international debt recovery problems.

We use restructuring as a complementary tool in certain situations that allows us to maximize gains for all participants in the transaction. Our team also assist leasing companies faced with debtors that fail to pay their leasing fees in time.

Why choose us?

Our customized debt recovery services help our clients to recover their past dues, internationally and locally. Representing financial institutions, mortgage bankers, insurance companies, master and special servicers in connection with workouts, restructurings, foreclosures, participations and sales of whole loans, we hold a high level of expertise and a global network. We can handle performing loans as well as non performing loans of various ages.

Services offered

We help our clients in both insured and uninsured invoices, assisting clients with:

  • Restructurings and workouts
  • Structuring all segments of the leveraged finance capital structure
  • Securitization
  • Bankruptcy
  • Dispositions
  • Exit financing
  • Substitution of assets, rating agency criteria, guidelines and approval process for secondary market matters.

With us collect and bring prosperity back to your business.

Debt Recovery is easy, you just need our team to work for you.

All your feedbacks and suggestions are welcome at enquiries@chandrawatpartners.com, and we will be happy to assist you with any question!

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