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Our comprehensive range of Hong Kong and offshore company incorporation related services provide solutions to clients looking to minimize taxes, protect assets and limit liabilities.

We have extensive experience in Hong Kong and offshore company registration and management.

Hong Kong is an appealing place to do business and a leading international trading and service hub, ranked as the world’s freest economy for over a decade. Hong Kong is a highly value-added manufacturing base in the world and a gateway to investment, supporting around a third of the foreign capital that flows into China.

According to World Bank doing business survey, Hong Kong is ranked third in terms of ease of doing business in the world. Hong Kong is an exceptional place with prominent location on China’s southern coast with one of the world’s highest GDP per capita.

Currently enjoying the status as Special Administrative Region of China, Hong Kong is former British colony with an extraordinary culture, ancient Chinese heritage and influencing experience of western and colonial period. Hong Kong is a versatile city where English and Cantonese exist side by side.

Establishing an entity

Hong Kong company may be formed by:

  • guarantee
  • limited by shares
  • unlimited liability

A company limited by shares can be public or private. A subsidiary company is usually limited by shares.

Establishing a business in Hong Kong can be in the following ways:

Sole Proprietorship

There is no restriction for registration or institution of sole proprietorship except business registration compliance.


All partners are individually and jointly liable under general partnership without limit of obligation and debts. A limited partnership in which liability of at least one of the partners must remain unlimited can be registered with the Registrar of Companies.

Limited Company

The liability of the members of a company limited by guarantee is to the amount of guarantee and in a company limited by share capital, liability of members for the company debts is limited to the issued share capital.

Branch or Representative Office

For establishing a place of business in Hong Kong, every overseas company is required to register with the Hong Kong Companies Registry. A place of business may include any place used by the company to transact or manage any of its business.

Registration of a new company

There are various stages involved in the registration of a company in Hong Kong which is as follows:

Stage 1 – Name and type of a company

A company name that may infringe the intellectual property rights of any third party is not allowed to be adopted. Any kind of infringement of the intellectual property rights of other party may invite criminal or civil sanctions moreover in Hong Kong or anywhere else.

Type of companies:

  • Company limited by shares Liability of members is limited by the articles of association to the amount due on the shares held by them.
  • Company limited by guarantee Liability of members is not limited by the articles of association to the amount that the members undertake respectively to contribute to the assets of the company in the occurrence of its winding up. Nonprofit making organizations are mostly registered under this category.

Choose a distinctive name for the company, appearing in the index of company names preserved by the Registrar of Companies.

Stage 2 – Submitting an application

An application for incorporation must be submitted with the following documents and prescribed fees. This procedure can be done either electronically through “e Registry” or “CR e Filing” or manually in hard copy format.

  • Incorporation Form – Form NNC1 (for a company limited by shares) and Form NNC1G (for a company not limited by shares);
  • A copy of articles of association of the company; and
  • Notice to Business Registration Office (IRBR1).

Stage 3 – Collecting certificates

If the application for incorporation is permitted, an applicant can download or can take manually the Certificate of Incorporation and Certificate of Business Registration. These certificates will be delivered in electronic form or in a hard copy format, depending on the mode of issue of the applications. Certificates issued in both modes are valid.

Stage 4 – Acquiring authorizations or licenses

If the business is to be carried out in Hong Kong, licenses or permits are mandatory for event-related activities, employment agency, travel agency, retail shop, education, and restaurant.

The subsequent step in setting up a new business in Hong Kong is to attain necessary permits and licenses that the specific business entity may need, irrespective of where you conduct the business. Depending upon the nature of services and products, there are numerous types of permits and licenses that might be required for the business.

For detailed understanding doing business in Hong Kong 2022 download our guide by clicking the link below.

For detailed understanding establishing a business entity in Hong Kong download our guide by clicking the link below.

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