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Areas of Expertise:

  • Shipping and maritime laws
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Domestic and international arbitration


  • Bachelor of Business Administration

  • Bachelor of Laws


Arnab has a widespread experience of over 7 years in handling high stakes litigation and arbitration matters involving shipping disputes, insurance, reinsurance, financial services and complex legal issues pertaining to various commercial transactions.

He specialises in legal issues pertaining to shipping laws in India and abroad and excels in turning out complicated commercial and financial contractual disputes into clear, persuasive advocacy.

He has extensive experience in taking a case through discovery to a merits hearing or trial. His understanding of the business goals behind the contracts in dispute helps him shape trial narratives and find effective settlements. In addition, his diligent witness preparation ensures there are no surprises at the trials.

He is an experienced manager and effective team member, represents clients in domestic as well as international commercial arbitrations and in investment treaty disputes with host governments. He counsels clients in an array of multi jurisdictional disputes that concern sectors such as bank and financial institutions, real estate, mining, consumer goods, shipping, transport and telecommunications.

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