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Areas of Expertise:

  • IT assistance and consultancy
  • Technological implementation


  • Bachelor of Laws
  • Bachelor of Business Administration


Shubham has more than 6 years of hands-on experience in the technology sector. He is knowledgeable and comfortable helping troubleshoot production and performance problems in Chandrawat & Partners, as well as helping us plan scalable, cost effective, and secure solutions. He has a fair share of knowledge in multiple sectors but his knowledge in the technical field is extraordinary.

His role as an information technology consultant is to work in partnership with clients, counseling them on how to meet their business objectives or overcome problems by using information technology. He works to advance the arrangement and efficiency of information technology systems in various international organizations.

He assist in administering and maintaining technical infrastructure, security, virtualization technologies, and all current and future programs/software, hardware, and applications for all technical services systems and development of innovative new technologies that will boost the Firm’s position in the market.

He is proficient in web development and applications like WordPress and likes to help clients in answering questions in a consultation or a complete end to end project work and also provide training and support to the team at the Firm.

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