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How is World water Day 2021 different?                    

The importance of water for life and for environment has always been felt even before man appeared on the planet. Life itself has evolved from water and would not exist, as we know it today, without it.

What often receives less attention are the challenges that many of the small communities face in maintaining their quality of life. In addition, this year as the world faces global public health crisis stemming from COVID-19 pandemic, we have witnessed that reliable water service is something we depend on, in order to protect our health and economy.

World Water Day, celebrated each year on 22nd of March, raises awareness among 2.2 billion (Approximately) people living without access to safe water and encourages reformative actions to tackle the worldwide water crisis. The theme of World Water Day 2021 is “Valuing Water”, which includes the environmental, social and cultural value people place on water.

At Chandrawat & Partners, we recognize the need for sustainable access to safe water and a major impact on ensuring access to clean water in all aspects of society. We help nonprofit organizations to increase their efficiency and quality of programs, reduce global costs, and facilitate greater access to and integration of WASH programs worldwide.

To learn more about value of water around the world, download our booklet.

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