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We are hiring! We move at a fast pace and looking for ambitious individuals to join our team.

Please feel free to email us on [email protected]

Join Our Team

Why work with us?

At Chandrawat & Partners, our commitment to progress and achievement is more than just a saying; it’s the cornerstone of our ethos. We understand that the most significant victories are achieved collectively.

When you become a part of our team, you’re not just an employee; you’re a vital member of an organization dedicated to ensuring your safety, fostering engagement, and nurturing your holistic development. We recognize you as an individual, valuing your personal growth alongside your professional journey.

Here, you’ll collaborate with a team of seasoned experts committed to investing in your professional development. Bring your skills, curiosity, and authentic self to your work, contributing not only to your personal growth but also to the overall advancement of our firm.

Your tenure with Chandrawat & Partners promises to be intellectually enriching, offering exposure to diverse legal subjects that will shape a personally rewarding career lasting decades. Joining us means gaining expertise, working with a broader client base, and delivering the professional assistance they rightfully deserve.

Join a team that embraces change daily, leveraging its power to tackle clients’ most complex business challenges with cutting-edge solutions.

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Work with an
incredible team

Lots of creative freedom

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Make a difference

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A career path of your choice

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Flexible work-hours

Friendly Environment

Our talent philosophy – Grow together

Our focus is on unlocking the potential within each employee through comprehensive training, specialized career paths, and a collaborative global talent network. Regardless of your background or role, we aspire for everyone at Chandrawat & Partners to grow together.

We firmly believe that our employees are our greatest competitive advantage. Our firm excels when our people:

  • Excel in their roles, continuously developing skills, knowledge, and work proficiency.
  • Advance their careers in ways that benefit both themselves and the firm.
  • Collaborate actively with their teams and colleagues to achieve extraordinary results.

Chandrawat & Partners: where collective growth and excellence define our professional journey.


 Exciting Internship Awaits You

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Problem Solving Skills
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Learning Agility
Practical Optimist
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Solution Oriented
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Ambition & Courage
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Consistency and reliability
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Real, open and direct
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Work collaboratively in a team environment

Are you ready to jump-start your career?

Join us now!

For internship opportunities, please send us your CV to [email protected]

About Us

Chandrawat & Partners stands as a dynamic and rapidly expanding full-service firm, specializing in the delivery of exceptional professional and corporate services to a diverse clientele, both foreign and local. We proudly represent companies and individuals across a wide spectrum of sectors through distinct entities established in various countries worldwide.