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We are hiring! We move at a fast pace and looking for ambitious individuals to join our team.

Please feel free to email us on [email protected]

Join Our Team

Why work with us?

Honoring our saying “Together we progress and achieve”, we know that the battle is best won together.

When you join Chandrawat & Partners, you will be joining a firm that is passionate about your safety, engagement and your overall development as a person and as an employee.

You will be working with a team of experts who will invest in your professional development and will bring your skills, your curiosity and your best true self to your work and to the overall development of the firm.

You will gain a great deal of knowledge and experience about a variety of pertinent legal subjects and it will give you a personally rewarding career for decades to come. Joining this firm will provide you with the expertise by working with more clients and providing them with the professional help and support they so deserve.

 Be a part of the team that harnesses the power of change every day to help their clients solve their most challenging business problems with the latest and the most innovative solutions.

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Work with an
incredible team

Lots of creative freedom

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Make a difference

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A career path of your choice

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Flexible work-hours

Friendly Environment

Our talent philosophy – Grow together

We focus on unleashing employees’ potential through training, specialized career paths, and a collaborative global talent network. Irrespective of where you are from and what you do, we want everyone at Chandrawat & Partners to grow together.

We truly believe that employees are the greatest competitive advantage and the firm can be at its best when its people:

  • master their job and strive to develop skills, knowledge, and work.
  • advance their career in a direction that benefits both, employees and the Firm.
  • actively with team and colleagues to achieve amazing things.


Looking forward to interning with us

Assessment intern


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Problem Solving Skills
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Learning Agility
Practical Optimist
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Solution Oriented
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Ambition & Courage
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Consistency and reliability
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Real, open and direct
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Work collaboratively in a team environment

Are you ready to jump-start your career?

Join us now!

For internship opportunities, please send us your CV to [email protected]

About Us

Chandrawat & Partners is a leading and rapidly growing full-service firm providing high quality professional and corporate services to foreign and local clients, representing companies and individuals in a wide range of sectors through separate entities established in various countries worldwide.

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