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Nominee Director Services

What is a nominee director and why have one?

A nominee director is a person appointed by a company to serve passively in a non-executive role. The main purpose of a nominee director is to fulfill the legal requirement of having at least one director in a company, ensuring compliance with company law. While they have the title of director, they do not actively engage in the direct management of the company. Instead, they follow explicit instructions given by the company’s actual director or owner.

A nominee director’s responsibilities typically include maintaining the company’s legal obligations and may involve delegating certain powers to other directors within the firm. They are officially registered as company directors, acting on behalf of the beneficial or actual director. The appointment of a nominee director is based on a Power of Attorney (POA) issued by the beneficial director, also known as the donor. This POA defines the scope of authority the nominee director has. It is generally renewed annually.

The key benefits of appointing a nominee director through a service provider include flexible arrangements, extensive knowledge of corporate compliance procedures, and the assurance of integrity and honesty in fulfilling their duties, as they are often appointed from a service provider’s pool of trusted partners.


  • Flexible nominee director arrangements with client-friendly service contract terms.
  • Extensive knowledge of corporate compliance procedures to ensure all actions performed by the nominee director are fully compliant.
  • The appointment of trusted partners as nominee directors to guarantee the highest standards of honesty and integrity in fulfilling their role.

To know about directors duties in Hong Kong, please feel free to download our booklet.

How We Can Help?

Our nominee director services are designed to assist clients in fulfilling the legal requirement for a resident or local director. Many jurisdictions require companies to have a resident director, which we can provide through our services. We offer these services to both individuals and companies, ensuring a high level of integrity and confidentiality.

The name of the nominee director will appear in public records at the companies registry as the director of the company. However, we help maintain confidentiality through a Power of Attorney, ensuring that the real owner’s name does not appear in public records while they retain the authority to make all significant decisions.

While serving as a nominee director, our professionals assist businesses in maintaining their good standing and ensuring regulatory compliance. We follow stringent privacy regulations and act in accordance with client instructions and the terms of the agreement established between the nominee director and the client.

Our nominee director services encompass:

  • Acting as a resident director.
  • Assisting the client’s business in daily operations.
  • Filing annual statutory documents.
  • Providing guidance to stakeholders.
  • Safeguarding the client’s interests.

Appointing a nominee director through our services helps businesses meet their legal obligations while maintaining the confidentiality of the actual owner’s identity. Our experts ensure regulatory compliance and help clients operate smoothly in accordance with local laws

For detailed understanding about nominee director service download our guide by clicking the link below.

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