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Aerospace & Defence

With broadening middle-class demography, increased travel & tourism and strong growth in external trade, airline industry has seen a boom in last decades, yet increased fuel costs, operational inefficiencies, competitive environment and quickly transforming scene of airlines have led to enlarged complexity.

Our experts have advised civil aeronautics, space, defense, and security industries along with investors, suppliers and agencies in future-focused approach to transformation. We deliver industry with an industry-specific lens to critical risk, tax and audit support and assurance issues, enabling them to transform themselves to solve complex problems to preserve and create value to emerge even stronger. We have extensive experience in partnering with airlines across the travel value chain and advanced proven policies in solving the complex challenges. Our expertise combines handling challenges related to revenue strategy sustainability, operational efficiencies and service excellence.

We help clients in military aircraft, land, and naval systems across the globe to architect and implement necessary transformations by revising their organizational setup, revisiting their strategy, refining their sales and marketing approach, and improving the cost structures of their products.

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Chandrawat & Partners is a leading full service firm in Hong Kong. We provide a wide range of high quality consulting services to domestic and international clients. With a strong network of professional advisors worldwide, we have a wealth of first hand experience and expertise in providing effective solutions to the complex issues.

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