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Fraud and corruption represent a real risk for every organization. We regularly handle fraud investigations to prove the submission of fraudulent claims. For a claim that is dishonest or fraudulent, hard evidences are required. Our professionals are always in a position to undertake discreet information through fraud investigation, involving a mixture of intelligence and surveillance to meet the objectives. Our team of experts also remain available to provide witness statements, if required. Professionals working with us are regularly called upon to provide fraud, corruption and misconduct investigations. Until a thorough investigation is conducted, uncertain allegations often represent possible fraud, corruption or other serious misconduct such as a breach of duties, regulations, policy or guidelines. Our committed staff have conducted and supervised diverse investigations consisting of individuals and organizations. Moreover, we assist our corporate clients in preventing fraud and rectifying problems by conducting internal and external audits and evidence collection. We set ourselves apart from others, by using investigative methodologies collecting information and intelligence legally as well as ethically, to ensure that our clients can use the information gathered to support further proceedings. All our staff are trained to respect client confidentiality to meet the highest ethical organizational standards. Every investigation is different and there are no hard and fast rules on how to conduct investigations. However, differences in the accessibility of data, geographical location, available techniques, evidence rules etc. all play an important role in the procedures. Our team, after consolidation of all enquiries in a full written report, decides what action is best for our client and makes recommendations based on the results of the investigation. We have handled many investigations including surveillance and monitoring of suspects claiming inquiries, claims, and other related matters in Hong Kong, Asia Pacific region and worldwide.

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