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Litigation Support

Comprehensive Litigation Support Services for Modern Businesses

As businesses engage in increasingly complex transactions, the specter of litigation and intricate disputes looms large. Such disputes can disrupt operations, tarnish reputations, and generate substantial costs. At our firm, we offer litigation support that’s tailor-made to mitigate risk, enhance project management, and safeguard your organization and its assets. Achieving the desired outcomes often requires legal counsel and specialists who can influence the process effectively.

We provide practical guidance to help our clients navigate the intricate legal landscape within the dynamic business scenario. Our internationally renowned team comprises professionals with diverse backgrounds, including experience in law firms, corporate sectors, high-tech companies, and consulting firms.

We can assist you in developing robust and effective trial practices that emphasize not only technology but also policies and procedures that reinforce your processes, manage risk, create value, and boost your performance.

Our Approach

We utilize proprietary tools, methodologies, and technology, including data mapping, electronic discoveries, and computer forensic capabilities. We collaborate with external experts and professionals from relevant fields. Our findings are conveyed in an organized and influential manner, from identifying assets to providing expert witness testimonies.

Our specialists possess highly developed analytical and technical skills and can creatively isolate key determinants and issues within each case, drawing on in-depth industry knowledge and experience.

Expert Advisory and Strategic Communication

Our litigation and dispute resolution team offers specialized advice and systematic communication support to fortify your legal strategy. We ensure that all aspects of our clients’ concerns are well-managed, and potential benefits are assessed. Our unique practice is backed by special training, skills, and experience.

In addition, litigation and other types of business negotiations frequently involve complex accounting, tax, and financial matters, necessitating the specialized knowledge of experienced professionals.

Strategic and Arbitration Communication

Complex, multi-jurisdictional cases often demand communication strategies that adeptly manage issues related to reputation, stakeholders, politics, and other complexities. We craft integrated solutions using a problem-solving approach and a campaign mindset.

Our expertise extends to providing tailored communication solutions to address legal matters spanning various jurisdictions, countries, and languages. We understand the realities of modern media and the digital environment, as well as the imperative to deliver results.

Our team devises strategies designed to mitigate risk and prepare for potential consequences stemming from high-value and high-profile arbitration procedures. Every matter is treated with the utmost seriousness, resulting in well-articulated, unique solutions.

How we can help?

Supported by global resources, our experts draw on combined knowledge, experience, and judgment to assist clients in resolving their issues. We leverage decades of practice and knowledge gained from thousands of cases to support clients at every stage of dispute involvement or litigation.

Our litigation and dispute consulting professionals collaborate with clients and outside expert witness testimony to address the challenging aspects of complex disputes. We seek to understand each case’s distinctive issues and facts to help our clients determine an effective response.

We work in conjunction with your legal firm or in-house law department to craft a range of services tailored to specific matters.

Some of the litigation support services we offer include:

  • Expert witness testimony
  • Witness location
  • Fugitive tracking
  • Asset tracing and location
  • Recorded statements
  • Damage calculations
  • Financial records and document analysis
  • Profits/losses calculations for business ventures
  • Tax consequences calculations
  • Deposition assistance
  • Embezzlement-related loss calculations
  • Arbitration and/or mediation case preparation
  • Buy-sell disputes
  • Malpractice claims
  • Complex claims management
  • Economic and statistical consulting
  • Intellectual property (IP) litigation support
  • Securities litigation support

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