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Litigation Support

With advancement in business transactions, litigation and complex business disputes are posing a continuous risk for businesses around the globe. These disputes may lead to disruption in business, damage to reputations, and generate significant costs. We assist our clients with litigation support designed to reduce risk while improving the mobility and management of critical projects as well as protect your organization and its assets. It requires legal counsels as well as other specialists to influence the desired outcome and to achieve the end result.

We provide pragmatic advice to assist our clients to navigate in complex legal environment and dynamic business scenario. Our team of internationally renowned professionals has a wide range of backgrounds that include experience in law firms, corporate sectors, high tech companies and consulting firms.

We can help you develop strong and effective trial practices that focus not only on the use of technology but also on the policies and procedures that reinforce your process, help manage risk, create value, and power your performance.

How we work?

We use proprietary tools, methodologies, and technology not limited to data mapping, electronic discoveries, and computer forensic capabilities while working with outside experts and professionals of relevant fields. 

We articulate our findings in an organized and influential manner, from locating assets to providing expert witness testimonies.

Our specialists possess highly developed analytical and technical skills and are proficient to creatively isolate key case determinants and issues and offer in depth industry knowledge and experience.

Expert advisory and strategic communication

Our litigation and dispute resolving team provides specialized advice and systematic communication support to help strengthen your legal strategy.

We ensure that all aspects of our customer concerns are managed, and all potential benefits are assessed. Our unique practice has special training, skills, and experience.

In addition, litigation and other types of business negotiations often involve complex accounting, tax, and financial matters requiring the specialized knowledge of experienced professionals.

Strategic and arbitration communication

Complex and multi jurisdictional cases are usually complex in nature require communication strategies that ensure that issues related to reputation, stakeholders, politics, and other issues are properly managed. We are building integrated solutions using the problem solving approach and the campaign approach.

We practice our skills to provide bespoke communication solutions to legal issues in many jurisdictions, countries, and languages. We understand the realities of modern media and the digital environment, and the need to deliver results.

Our team creates strategies designed to mitigate risk and prepare for any potential consequences from high value and high profile arbitration procedures. They take every matter seriously, and come up with unique and well articulated results.

How we can help?

As we are supported by global resources, our experts use the combined knowledge, experience, and judgment to support our clients in resolving their issues. We apply decades of practice and knowledge gained from thousands of cases at each stage of dispute involvement or litigation.

Our litigation and dispute consulting professionals work with our clients and outside expert witness testimony to address the challenging aspects of complex disputes. We seek to ascertain and comprehend each case’s distinctive issues and facts to help our clients determine an effective response.

We collectively work with your legal firm or in house law department to formulate an array of services that are suited to particular matters.       

Below are just some of the many litigation support services we offer:

  1. Expert witness testimony
  2. Locate witnesses
  3. Locate fugitives
  4. Trace and locate assets
  5. Record statements
  6. Calculation of damages
  7. Analysis of financial records and documents
  8. Calculation of profits/losses from business ventures
  9. Calculation of tax consequences
  10. Assistance with depositions
  11. Calculation of embezzlement related losses
  12. Preparation for arbitration and/or mediation cases
  13. Buy sell disputes
  14. Malpractice claims
  15. Complex claims management
  16. Economic and statistical consulting
  17. Intellectual property (IP) litigation support
  18. Securities litigation support

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