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We offer registered and virtual office services which enhance the reputation and credibility of our clients by providing them an address in Hong Kong. We provide our clients with registered virtual office services that include a local physical address, mail services, phone, and fax lines.

Our registered and virtual office service is comprehensive and comprises all the administrative and secretarial assistance, such as: –

  1. Registered address at a prestigious location
  2. Receiving emails to the address
  3. Telephone number and message services
  4. Administrative support

Registered Office

Both Hong Kong companies and foreign companies registered in Hong Kong are required to have a registered office in Hong Kong. Both must also appoint a company secretary.

A company secretary’s role is to ensure that the company complies with all the general requirements in Hong Kong. If the company secretary is a natural person, he or she must ordinarily reside in Hong Kong. If the company secretary is a body corporate, the address of its registered or principal office should be in Hong Kong.

It is important to know that your organization in Hong Kong is in a good position, that business decisions are made correctly and that the necessary changes are made in a straightforward and timely manner. Our professionals will provide a registered office address and serve as company secretary as part of the domiciliary services package.

We commit ourselves to:

  1. record-keeping of company;
  2. preparing and filing returns to the Hong Kong Companies Registry;
  3. issuing reminders of deadlines of work;
  4. provide proper access to company records;
  5. documenting routine changes, such as a change in director.

In addition, we can provide board assistance and support in regard to; taking records of board and committee meetings, meeting planning, setting of agendas and distribution of meeting papers, planning and use of transfers and changes to share stocks, or dividend division and capital contributions.

Virtual Office

A business address, also known as a virtual address, is the address a company uses for business matters. In Hong Kong, this is different from the registered address. A registered address is only the address that the company uses for the official government use to receive government mail.

This business address is used for the official use of the company, such as invoices, business contracts, agreements, and other matters. A virtual office does not have to be where the business operates but would act as the location of the company.

This is useful for small companies, which do most of the business activities from home, but use another location as their business address for privacy issues and minimize any potential risks.

This location would be seen as more professional, as it may be found downtown in the city, rather than a residential address. This can also be very helpful in mail forwarding, as documents can be sent to the business address, and can be accessed even if the owner is traveling and away from home.

The virtual office provides businesses with a local address and office-related services without long-term employment with administrative staff. With a virtual office, staff can work from anywhere but still have things like postal address, answering resources, meeting rooms, and video conferencing.

How virtual offices work?

Virtual offices operate as a single unit to serve customers but are not located in a designated area. This type of set is especially popular with startups and small businesses looking to cut back on more. The development of web-based software and office-based production services, such as video conferencing, has helped drive the growth in virtual offices.

Key Takeaways

  1. The registered office operates as a single unit and has a postal address, but is not located in one specific location.
  2. The development of tools such as video conferencing and online services has led to the widespread use of the visual offices.
  3. The operating costs of a virtual office are much lower than a traditional office, which is why this type of set is very popular among small businesses and startups.
  4. Office planning expands job options for employees and options for hiring businesses.
  5. While a virtual office is a less expensive business option, some services, such as phone answering and video communication, may be limited.
  6. A virtual office can also lead to greater productivity, as its services free staff from administrative tasks.

Virtual Office that works for you

Give your company great loyalty with an international address in Hong Kong. Set up a virtual office in Hong Kong while working from anywhere in the world. Provide your customers with local contact details and dedicated telephone numbers available, taken care of by our qualified team.

Our global network of workplaces gives you a real business address in the best places, with posting and available call answering services, email forwarding services as well as access to meeting rooms and desk space whenever you need it.

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