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Trust and Fiduciary Services

Trust and Fiduciary Services

We possess an extensive experience in representing established trustees and clients on complex corporate trust and agency matters, together with public and project finance, structured finance, syndicated lending, corporate and municipal debt, and capital markets transactions.

With a wide range of trust services, we assist our clients on front end transactions, trust instructions, default and restructuring. Our professionals hold years of experience which allows us to work with clients to meet market challenges.

We are dedicated to assist financial institutions as trustee, securities administrator, trust administrator, registrar, agent, or document custodian in connection with all related corporate trust transactional services such as:

  1. Trust establishment and administration
  2. Trustee services
  3. Protector services
  4. Enforcer services
  5. Executor services
  6. Escrow, depositary and custody services
  7. Advice on fiduciary responsibilities, compliance and risk management
  8. Appoint debt trustee
  9. Appoint escrow agent
  10. Appoint successor trustee
  11. Appoint collateral agent

Our Solutions

Trusts are used for a variety of purposes, including asset protection, preservation of family wealth, safeguarding interests of vulnerable beneficiaries, and charitable or philanthropic endeavors. In addition to acting as trustees, we can create, manage and administer a variety of trust types depending upon specific needs as well as tax and other aspects.

Our specialists can serve as the directors and officers of companies or as members of the Board of Trustees of foundations exercising full management and control, as well as providing all the necessary administration and accounting services.

Why Chandrawat & Partners?

We offer corporate trust services with efficient solutions to our clients’ distinct and evolving needs with deep understanding of markets and high level of commitment.

Get the best Corporate Trust Services with efficient solutions to your problems now.

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