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Chandrawat & Partners possess an extensive experience in representing established trustees and clients on complex corporate trust and agency matters, together with public and project finance, structured finance and products, syndicated lending, corporate and municipal debt, and capital markets transactions.

With a wide range of trust services, we assist our clients on; front end transactions, trust instructions, default and restructuring.  Our professionals hold years of work and industry experience which allows us to work with clients to meet their market challenges.

We are dedicated to help financial institutions and our clients, whether as trustee, securities administrator, trust administrator, master servicer, registrar, calculation agent, paying agent, investment management agent, aggregation agent, or document custodian, in connection with all related corporate trust transactional services such as:

  • Advice on fiduciary responsibilities, compliance and risk management issues
  • Municipal and corporate finance
  • Structured finance
  • Loan administration
  • Project finance
  • Escrow, depositary and custody services
  • Trust establishment and administration
  • Trustee services
  • Protector services
  • Enforcer services
  • Compliance
  • FATCA and CRS
  • Executor services
  • Corporate Trust Overview
  • Appoint a Debt Trustee
  • Appoint an Escrow Agent
  • Appoint a Successor Trustee
  • Appoint a Collateral Agent
  • Corporate Trust Deals

Our team of qualified experts also draws vast experience representing financial service providers acting as trustees and agents, liquidity providers, credit enhancers, and institutional purchasers for public finance transactions.

Appointment of Debt Trustee

Our extensive experience and strong relationships with stock exchanges, depositories, underwriters, and regulatory bodies allow us to quickly respond to challenging deadlines on our client’s most complex deals. Our experts have the proficiency to offer services ranging from simple to most complex financing structures.

Appointment of an Escrow Agent

Our unique approach to escrows has helped our clients in mergers and acquisitions, subscription offerings, dispute settlements and other matters to move forward quickly. We know that every escrow transaction is different and to ensure a smooth transaction we tailor our services to meet the desired needs.

Our qualified escrow professionals keep limited contract revisions and simple KYC process, so that our clients can settle their deal quickly and precisely. We strive to work and finalize the agreement to meet our client’s timeline.

Appointment of a Successor Trustee

Appointing a skilled, independent and concurred successor trustee is a significant process. The professional should be well suited to serve under a qualifying trust agreement and should exercise the rights and powers as conferred to him.

We own the team of professionals that have extensive industry experience and endeavor to offer comprehensive administrative services with successor trusteeships, bankruptcy and restructurings, default administration, and can encounter the needs of debt restructuring, appointment of successor, and securities, with a diverse role including:

  • Successor/Separate Indenture Trustee
  • Distribution and Paying agent services
  • Exchange and Tender Agent
  • Services for debt and equity offerings
  • Serving as independent representative in bankruptcy cases
  • Liquidating Trustee Services

Our experienced corporate trust professionals are recognized for their acquaintance in administration, interpretation and application of agreement, as well as, in the assistance of creditor and bondholder interests in complex bond transactions.

Public-Private Partnerships (P3)

Public-private partnerships allow large-scale government projects to be completed with private funding. These partnerships work well when private sector technology and innovation are completed on time and within budget with public sector incentives.

We provide our clients with innovative solutions that can help them through the various aspects of P3 infrastructure projects. Our trustee services for P3 transactions includes:

  • Indenture Trustee
  • Collateral Agent and Security Trustee
  • Bank Account Trustee
  • Financial Model Custodian
  • Inter-Creditor Agent
  • Insurance Trustee

Appointment of Collateral Agent

In case of a default, enforcement of rights is a matter of concern when we take collateral as security for a loan. A Collateral agent or security trustee is the one who protect your interest and act on your behalf in such situations.

As an independent third party (agent or trustee), Chandrawat & Partners is a trusted collateral agent, holding client’s collateral and security interests during the term of the loan.

Whether it’s Shares, Letters of Credit, Cash, General Security Agreements, Partnership Units, Promissory Notes and Guarantees, Mortgages, Springing Accounts, and Waterfall Accounts, we assure to keep the client’s collateral secure, and provide them with an unmatched experienced irrespective of any uncertain event.

Why Chandrawat & Partners?

We offer Corporate Trust Services with efficient solutions to our clients’ distinct and evolving needs with deep understanding of markets and high level of commitment to our clients. Carrying out the terms of the trust, we handle the responsibilities imparted upon us proficiently.

The trust structure of the clients differs widely upon their needs; therefore, our trustees can act as sole trustee, co-trustee or successor trustee. We provide tailor-made service offerings to our client’s individual requirements, assessing their needs and proposing the trust structure that best suits requirements, ensuring ongoing compliance with applicable legislation.

Get the best Corporate Trust Services with efficient solutions to your problems now.

All your feedbacks and suggestions are welcome at enquiries@chandrawatpartners.com, and we will be happy to assist you with any question!

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