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Luxury and Fashion

In fashion industry, brand owners have opportunities to serve and sell through different channels such as wholesale, retail, and digital. With new technology and entrants, consumer expectations are changing, innovations are pushed, and established brands are inspired to rethink products, packaging and routes to market.
Our experts help businesses to improve customer loyalty, organize supply chain, helping the client gain customer trust and delivering personalized customer experiences to grow not only the relationships but also the fundamentals.

Our experts develop stronger relationships with sourcing and manufacturing partners and gain efficiency in opportunities with effective cross-channel sourcing. As a result of our broad experience, we reap the benefits of improved planning, optimized inventory, and accurate order allocation with fast-fluid, transparent decisions. Our team possess unmatched expertise delivering strategic and operational support to renowned brands in consumer leisure. We consult private equity investors looking to purchase or sell leisure assets, or drive performance in an existing portfolio company.

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Chandrawat & Partners is a leading full service firm. We provide a wide range of high quality consulting services to domestic and international clients. With a strong network of professional advisors worldwide, we have a wealth of first hand experience and expertise in providing effective solutions to the complex issues.

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