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Construction & Infrastructure

Construction companies facing large-scale changes such as smart cities, modular construction, emerging markets and government regulations which are pushing them to adapt to disruption, rethink and act on a new vision.

We are comprising of diverse, cross-disciplinary industry experience and technical expertise to reach at strategic insights, authoritative reports, and objective testimonies. We provide our clients with professional experience in dispute analysis, critical risk, taxation support, audit and assurance support, fact finding and data analytics. Our team aids with professional expertise in architecture, engineering, construction management, public contracting, specifications and technical document development, cost analysis, negotiations as well as expert witness testimonies.

Our digital and future-focused strategies can help you grab opportunities by making the right infrastructure and digital investments for the company’s vision. We aid you in reconfiguring value chains by approaching new partnerships and alliances, leaving greater impact in current and emerging markets, assisting in industry challenges with workforce planning and organizational effectiveness.

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Chandrawat & Partners is a leading full service firm in Hong Kong. We provide a wide range of high quality consulting services to domestic and international clients. With a strong network of professional advisors worldwide, we have a wealth of first hand experience and expertise in providing effective solutions to the complex issues.

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