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Why IPO?

Initial Public Offering (IPO) is a process to transform a privately held company into a public company. By selling a portion of its stake to the investors, generally, IPO is initiated with intention to infuse the new capital, to facilitate easy trading.

After an IPO, the company gets noted by the commercial and financial community enhancing brand valuation, popularity and reputation, thus procuring confidence from suppliers, distributors and investors more easily. It helps the companies expand in global markets and increase transactions at a higher level through international commercial platform.

Why choose us?

Going public is not an easy decision nor a simple task, it involves complicated transactions and complex thinking. Our pool of dedicated and committed professionals provides the necessary knowledge to help companies to pass through this exciting as well as challenging process.

When our clients think of going public, we provide support to our clients at every stage of the listing process to sustain company’s growth in a public offering.

We assist clients with readiness assessment, opinion on financial information, reviewing internal controls, beefing up the management team, offering documents/prospectus, corporate governance, improving operational efficiency, group structure and compliance with laws and regulations.

How we can help?

We cover the critical areas of an IPO with a team of specialists by providing extensive range of advisory services from commencing journey towards IPO.

With our dedicated professionals, we assist our clients to realize the timetables of an IPO, offering assistance with essential changes associated in becoming a public listed company.

We help our client to evaluate the pros and cons of an IPO, assess their readiness for a listing and navigate in every phase of the multifaceted IPO development. We keep abreast of regulatory developments, and anticipate potential issues faced by companies seeking listing.

Services offered

Our wealth of practical expertise guides companies throughout the entire listing preparation cycle. We deliver a range of services that help clients plan and complete the IPO process. These include:

  • Pre IPO corporate restructuring and planning
  • Advise on listing requirements
  • Advice on alternatives for capital channels
  • Developing tax structures and asset protection schemes
  • Completing financial due diligence activities
  • Assistance on listing of shares
  • Providing comprehensive support
  • Strategic investors search and M&A assistance
  • Industry and peer group analysis
  • Coordination with other professionals involved in the IPO process

Why Choose Chandrawat & Partners?

We are very prompt and quick

We offer affordable prices

Advanced technology

Feedback is always welcome

Need our help ? Our Team of specialist covers all the critical areas of an IPO.

All your feedbacks and suggestions are welcome at [email protected], and we will be happy to assist you with any question!

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Chandrawat & Partners stands as a dynamic and rapidly expanding full-service firm, specializing in the delivery of exceptional professional and corporate services to a diverse clientele, both foreign and local. We proudly represent companies and individuals across a wide spectrum of sectors through distinct entities established in various countries worldwide.