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Food and Beverages

We understand sub-sectors of food and beverage industry. We have been serving the needs of our clients, many of which are manufacturers and those in the ancillary sectors such as packaging, distribution and marketing.

Our experts through transformative solutions empower food & beverage manufacturing and distribution entities to handle consumer preferences that would keep on evolving with people demanding quality and innovative products. Consumers making more health-conscious choices are opening up a wide spectrum for the industry to develop suitable products for food service, retails, and hospitality sectors.

We identify and keep up to date with the challenges that food and drink businesses meet, guiding them in capturing downstream supply chain visibility and setting out compliance with regulations.

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Chandrawat & Partners is a leading full service firm in Hong Kong. We provide a wide range of high quality consulting services to domestic and international clients. With a strong network of professional advisors worldwide, we have a wealth of first hand experience and expertise in providing effective solutions to the complex issues.

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