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Financial reporting advisory services

Working towards a higher level of compliance


Reliable and timely financial reporting is essential in the current global business scenario to meet the heightened expectations of investors, regulators, and other external stakeholders. With increased scrutiny on companies, financial reporting poses significant challenges when it is combined with complex financial reporting standards including reporting requirements associated with mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures. Meanwhile, the need to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the financial reporting function has never been more pronounced.

It is essential for finance executives to identify and pursue opportunities to manage risk, achieve greater reliability & accelerate their financial reporting; provide timely information to investors; ensure that the appropriate experience and expertise are applied to key reporting matters, as and when needed.

Why choose us?

We possess deep knowledge of markets, industries, and sectors in which our clients operate, combining an experienced and dedicated team of professionals including lawyers, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, and Management Consultants, we strive to deliver comprehensive solutions in all financial areas.

Our financial reporting advisory specialists support clients in ensuring that companies meet the additional disclosure requirements from regulators and standard setters. We have a significant collegium of professionals with in-depth technical accounting knowledge, industry insight, and substantial industry experience that can help you to meet all the financial reporting compliances placed on companies.

Our skilled team works with clients and assists them to improve their financial reporting methods and ensures that the accounting treatment of specified transactions reflects their related business objectives. We endeavor to help you understand how changes in financial reporting standards affect the financial statements and support you in deciding on multifaceted issues. We also assist our clients in the process of planning their transactions, their optimal structuring, ensuring proper accounting and adequate reporting, both for internal and external purposes. Thus we provide the overall support right from the beginning to the conclusion of a financial advisory related matter.

How we can help?

Our teams have significant hands on experience in providing Financial Reporting Advisory Services (FRAS), backed by experienced resources of a network of professionals worldwide.

Our Financial Reporting Advisory Services includes:

  • Financial reporting required in mergers and acquisitions and other restructuring deals.
  • Preparation of carve out financial statements.
  • Management of accounting notes and evaluation of complex accounting and financial reporting matters.
  • Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) conversions to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)/HK IFRS/US GAAP.
  • Assistance with group consolidation for financial reporting purposes.
  • IPO advisory services.
  • Implementation of new accounting standards (IFRS/US GAAP).
  • Assistance with setting up operations in India and managing compliances post setting up operations in India.

For detailed understanding of our services around the financial reporting domain, please refer our brochure “An Introduction to Financial Reporting Advisory Services”

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