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Retail & Wholesale

We provide data-driven, objective, and innovative approaches to the most complex retail challenges.

We have exceptional experience in working with companies at critical inflection point which has informed our approach and imparted a sense of urgency in solving complex issues. With rapid morphing of consumers and technology, retail has evolved a lot, thus ceasing the concept of “one-size-fits-all”. It involves multiple channels and retailer segments comprising online, mass merchants, dollar stores, departmental stores, and specialty retail.

Our experts advise on design of transition periods and regulatory mechanisms which would mitigate or avoid rate hikes, helping clients to study re-regulation, vertical re-integration, and hybrid regulatory options.

We examine and stimulate wholesale market design, transmission benefit-cost analysis, resource planning, generation asset valuation, environmental compliance, contract issues, and auctions for wholesale power and transmission rights. With evolving technology and consumer demand, retail survival has changed into an endless journey rather than a destination.

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Chandrawat & Partners is a leading full service firm in Hong Kong. We provide a wide range of high quality consulting services to domestic and international clients. With a strong network of professional advisors worldwide, we have a wealth of first hand experience and expertise in providing effective solutions to the complex issues.

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