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Asset Tracing Services

Taking the right approach in asset tracing and recovery

Our experts have extensive experience in identifying, locating and recovering assets around the world. We work closely with local and international firms and corporations, to conduct asset tracing for companies and individuals. The firm assist to trace and recover assets where possible and advise on investigations and proceedings, while working as part of a larger team on multijurisdictional frauds involving global organisations. We possess substantial proficiency in identifying, locating and recovering assets throughout the world.

Our track record spans some high profile cases, having assisted our clients and their advisors in recovering assets and untangling the most complex global financial crimes and sophisticated acts of concealment. Our professionals with backgrounds in fraud and financial investigations, law enforcement, forensics and international investigations have successfully identified assets.

Asset mapping

Through systematic analysis of a wide range of data repositories around the globe, coupled with strategically targeted inquiries with diligently identified sources with relevant knowledge, we develop intelligence on the location, size, and background of the available pool of assets. The end product is a map, detailing each identified asset per jurisdiction, its estimated value, and relevant intelligence on the pros and cons for seizure.

Using an effective investigative approach

Our experts advise clients on domestic and international disputes arising from commercial fraud, asset misappropriation and business crime. With an extensive experience in handling fraud related claims, we understand the need of our clients to act quickly and provide strategic advice enabling them to trace and freeze stolen assets. However, the information is gathered from public databases, proprietary intelligence databases, field inquiries and other sources. Collected information is then analyzed for leads to assets and all positive leads are verified with official records such as company shareholder information, land registration records and more.

Our fraud and asset tracing professionals advice clients on cases which involves:

  • assessment of assets status of companies and individuals prior to taking actions;
  • tracing assets of defendants to enforce a judgment;
  • determining whether assets are dissipated to support the court and liquidation proceedings;
  • appointment of provisional liquidators over corporate vehicles for fraud directors’ fraud and breach of fiduciary duties;
  • cybercrime, internet scams, email hacking and online identity theft, investment scams; and
  • worldwide asset recovery exercises in different offshore jurisdictions.

Continued recovery support

We provide ongoing intelligence and evidence gathering related to each of the recovery efforts pursued through legal recourse. Our work includes gathering intelligence about the transfer or sale of assets and monitoring the subject’s acquisition plans, regular payments made by the subjects, or the subjects’ plans and activities.

The scope of our services is as follows:

  • Search local trade databases in relation to the subject, with a view to trace connections which may lead to assets;
  • Institute full current and historical statutory searches to identify assets in support of any subsidiary or associated companies which may lead to assets;
  • Conduct basic property and litigation searches on the subject and companies to determine any other names and connections, which may lead to assets;
  • Visit under suitable guises various locations associated with the subject and develop any information through static surveillance leading to assets held directly or indirectly; and
  • Conduct various sensitive searches, approaching financial institutions, which may identify bankers and assets held.

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