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Fund and Investment

We help firms to rise up to the challenges and capitalize on opportunities in areas including private equity, hedge funds, mutual funds and much more. Our experts continue to do business in a complex marketplace and navigate an ever-changing global landscape.

We work across a full range of issues faced by our clients, from recognizing and embracing new markets and segments to designing and executing superior office processes in portfolio management, research, risk management, technology and distribution. We partner with individuals and institutions to grow best organizational structures and methods, support clients on research and knowledge management, with a focus on superior execution. Our expert’s stand-in a regular exchange of up-to-date research and insight, and provide clients with front-line knowledge relevant to their strategic needs.

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About Us

Chandrawat & Partners stands as a dynamic and rapidly expanding full-service firm, specializing in the delivery of exceptional professional and corporate services to a diverse clientele, both foreign and local. We proudly represent companies and individuals across a wide spectrum of sectors through distinct entities established in various countries worldwide.