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Industry & Manufacturing

We bring deep working experience inside manufacturing firms helping CEOs rethink their ecospheres, redesign their portfolios while transforming themselves for a better tomorrow. Our manufacturing-focused technology and management professionals lead companies through a results-focused mechanism that improves target costs and drives sustainable commission of work.

From IT strategy to systems rollouts, and from supply chain optimization to process improvements, we cautiously identify challenges, discover solutions, implement the changes and sustain them in the organization.

By connecting teams and technologies, we evaluate a broader set of stakeholders while interpreting their purpose, fixing their strategy, reconstructing their businesses, and measuring and reporting the value. With our deep research and analysis, passion for problem solving, and unbridled ingenuity, we provide practical ideas for growing your business and getting to the next level.

We figure out the complexity of the demand businesses face, our professionals provide clients with corporate, transaction and turnaround strategies and recommendations that align with company’s vision and aims, helping you shape the data-driven plant of the future.

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About Us

Chandrawat & Partners stands as a dynamic and rapidly expanding full-service firm, specializing in the delivery of exceptional professional and corporate services to a diverse clientele, both foreign and local. We proudly represent companies and individuals across a wide spectrum of sectors through distinct entities established in various countries worldwide.