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Happy Easter!

Easter Sunday is the culmination of Holy Week. It is celebrated in the memory of resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is one of the most important Christian festival, and is celebrated with greatest joy. The date of the Easter changes every year, and many other Christian festivals alter their dates in accordance with Easter.

Easter Sunday, as it is known in Christianity, is actually regarded as the most important and holy Sunday of the year. It marks the anniversary of Jesus’ resurrection and ascension – and observing this festival can teach Christians much more about belief than bunnies.

The churches are full of flowers, and there are special songs and hymns. But not all Easter customs are Christian; others, such as the Easter Bunny, have a pagan origin.

Story of the Easter is at the heart of Christianity

Jesus Christ was impaled, on Good Friday.  His body was taken down from the cross and was buried in a cave. The tomb was guarded and a large stone was placed over the entrance, so that no one could steal the body.

The following Sunday, Mary Magdalene, disciple of Jesus, visited the tomb and discovered that the stone had been rolled away, and that the tomb was empty. Jesus himself was seen that day, and by many people, a few days later. His followers recognized that God had raised Jesus from the dead.


Easter represents the fulfillment of the prophecies of the Old Testament and the revelation of God’s salvific plan for all of mankind. In honoring the Resurrection of Jesus, Easter also celebrates the defeat of death and the hope of salvation.

Although, the origin of the Easter traditions and activities can be followed back to pagan celebrations. The word “Easter” is derived from Eostara, the goddess of rebirth. In ancient times the Feast of Eostara celebrated rebirth and resurrection of earth. Easter is celebrated on Sunday, April 4, 2021.

What Do People Do?

Easter around the world

Easter emphasizes great religious significance to Christians and is considered as the greatest feast of the Church year. Christians worldwide celebrate Easter with special church services, processions, candlelight, decorations, and the ringing of church bells. Countries such as the Philippines and Spain takes out long procession in joy and celebration to commemorate that Jesus Christ is risen.

Villages and towns in Italy have sacred dramas and performances to mark episodes of Jesus’s life journey, as laid down in the bible. These are held in the piazzas on Easter Day. Pastries such as corona di nove are baked in the form of a crown, including other traditional foods such as capretto (lamb) and agnello (goat). People in Poland gathers together and enjoy family meals with food such as ham, sausages, mazurka, salads, and babka (a Polish cake), or mix sweet cakes filled with nuts, fruit and honey, to name a few.

Easter falls on Sunday, which is a non-working day in many countries. Government offices and schools remains closed and business activities are limited. Therefore, it’s an off day to enjoy for people in major countries around the globe.

Children in countries such as Australia, Canada, US and UK, recalls Easter as a time to buy new spring clothes, to beautify eggs, participate in Easter egg hunts and enjoying meals. Some children receive Easter baskets which are full of chocolates, candies, snacks, and presents. What is common globally is, Christians visit church early morning to pray and remember the sacrifice, Jesus, made for the world and then enjoy rest of the day as victory of good over the evil.


Easter eggs and the Easter Bunny are both fertility symbols, from the feast of Eostara. Other parallel symbols include pagan joy in the rising sun of spring, coinciding with Christians’ joy in the rising Son of God, and the lighting of candles in churches, which corresponds to the pagan bonfires. The images of Jesus Christ and symbol of the cross, through paintings or statues, are remembered on Easter Day.


We hope these sermons will help you proclaim Christ in a way that helps people understand the gospel in a new way this Easter. Of course, we also know that there is more to the Easter than just the message. May this Easter give us strength to overcome this pandemic and make a healthier world. We wish you and your family joyful and safe Easter holidays.

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