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Hong Kong is known as a beacon of capitalism because of its free trade agreements & very low taxes. Hong Kong is consistently labeled as the world’s freest & most abled economy by highly reputable global organizations. As Asia’s largest capital market, Hong Kong has diverse financing channels with more than 150 international and local banks which are active in granting corporate loans, project financing & syndicated loans. Hong Kong is an ideal place for investments or to carry out business. Let’s find out why?


  • Hong Kong has an international logistics hub with exceptional infrastructure.
  • An award-winning international airport.
  • Within reach of five-hour flight from half population of the world.
  • Having one of the most competent and world’s busiest container ports.
  • World-class telecommunication networks.


  • A free investment and trade policy.
  • Efficient and supportive government.
  • Comprehensive freedom of capital movement.
  • A mixture of western and eastern diversity providing an international lifestyle.
  • A foundation for enterprises to trigger their business activities in international markets.
  • With its prominent location on the Southeast coast of China, Hong Kong provides easy access to the Chinese mainland for international businesses.


  • Around 85% of Hong Kong’s GDP derives from service sectors.
  • Areas such as legal services, management, transport and logistics, design and marketing, all resemble impeccably with Hong Kong’s position.
  • Hong Kong have extensive experience in various sectors such as market entry assessment, corporate governance, corporate finance, auditing & compliance, tax advisory and allocation & risk evaluation.
  • Hong Kong’s consultants & legal advisors are well-aware with legal and regulatory background of different nations around the globe.


  • With very few restrictions, government of Hong Kong supports a free and open market policy applying to almost all trade and investment.
  • All companies are benefited from the government policies with very limited exceptions, it does not discriminate between local and foreign investors.
  • Offering an alluring climate for investment through its corporal infrastructure with good communications and a simple & low tax structure.
  • The government encourages just & fair competition within enterprises.
  • Stamp duties related to selling or buying properties in Hong Kong are comparatively less than other jurisdictions and is classified as:
    1. Ad Valorem Stamp Duty (AVD) for Residential Property vs. Non-Residential Property
    2. Special Stamp Duty (SSD)
    3. Buyer’s Stamp Duty (BSD)


  • Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA) is the free trade agreement which is determined between Hong Kong & Mainland China.
  • The agreement unlocks enormous markets for Hong Kong goods and services.
  • CEPA is adopting a constituent approach, introducing an arrangement for more liberalized actions.
  • The Mainland China imposes zero import tariff for exports from Hong Kong companies in various sectors for accelerating trade.
  • It will significantly develop the economic cooperation and integration between the Mainland China and Hong Kong.


  • The Government of Hong Kong encourages investment and does not discriminate between domestic and foreign establishments generally.
  • Foreign enterprises commencing business in Hong Kong does not confront any special requirements or procedures.
  • Reserves from capital accounts or any profit may be generously returned to the overseas countries with no foreign exchange regulation.
  • With very limited foreign investment limitations, Hong Kong permits 100% foreign ownership of companies.
  • Since November 2001, foreign banks in Hong Kong are allowed to establish as many branches as they want and are free to operate with limited restrictions.

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